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Jackson a model dad

Jackson a model dad


Daryl Jackson has been here as Manager of Cable & Wireless for only nine months, but already he has made his presence felt in numerous ways. Before coming to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to take up the position, he worked in data, helped to establish the Internet in the Eastern Caribbean and managed the mobile business in Antigua; but has mainly stayed in the area of engineering.{{more}}

Throughout those 20 years at the telecommunications company, Jackson emphasised that he loves his job, but nothing compares to his love for what he called the toughest and most important job ever; that of parenting.

At 46 years old, Jackson has been married for 21 years to his wife Andrea. They have two teenagers, Tonya, 19, a University student and Marius, 15, a secondary school student about to do his O’level exams.

The Cable & Wireless manager said, “One of the challenges in parenting is when a child gets to the age where they begin to cause you to question your own judgement. You are no longer sure whether you are right. Your children are always testing you; they help you realise things about yourself. They give you frank, honest feedback. And you can either argue with them, disagree with them or you can take it as fact. But parenting teaches you so much about yourself and what you’ve learnt you can carry into the work place to make things more efficient.”

Jackson described himself as a happy, sport loving person who also loves fishing. He admitted that although he visits them, it is difficult being away from his wife and family. But the support of the surrogate family in the Cable & Wireless staff has made it easier. When he speaks about his children his face lights up, but when asked what he wishes most for them, he Jackson is almost brought to tears as he answered, “I wish for them to be independent, I wish for them to be happy. I wish for them to find something that they would truly be passionate about, whether professionally or otherwise. But something that gives meaning to their lives.”

Jackson continued, “I tell my children not to get married for any other reason other than love, because love allows you to tolerate things that you wouldn’t usually tolerate. It is difficult to tolerate imperfections in people if you don’t genuinely love them.”