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Children are priority No.1

Children are priority No.1


The question is often posed: where are the men?

Now there is someone who can stand up and be counted in that lot. His name is Desmond Colrick Seales who is an employee of Karib Cable.

Seales is the proud father of two sons, Kristoff, eight and Kishorn, seven, both C. W. Prescod Primary School students. His advice to fathers is that “fathers need to be there for their children one hundred percent.” {{more}}

Seales is not a hollow actor, but a person who has absorbed the miracle of life. Having seen the delivery of his children, the experience has left an indelible impression on him and has magnetised his attachment to his offspring.

Originally from Sion Hill, Seales lives with his wife Madonna and their two sons at Kingstown Park.

He is a devoted family man, a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Canouan in the Southern Grenadines, Seales has endeared himself to his adopted community and is a veritable handyman when on the island.

He has spent a number of years working there at Tamarind Beach Hotel and the Carenage and also served as an ‘Oiler’ on a cargo ship.

Seales is ensuring his children get the best of what a father is supposed to be. He possesses an overwhelming wealth of spiritualilty, which steers him along.

His marriage for nine years is testimony of his commitment to principled living. And he takes his paternal responsibilities seriously. This although he grew up without a father!

“If you have a child with a woman, you should be there for that woman for life. She will need you,” he asserted.

“A child is a precious thing. Make sure your child is number one priority,’ Seales said.

He emphasises education as a major part of their upbringing. “Make a start in life for them when they get older. Teach them to do the right thing,” he added.