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Sis. Patricia Douglas – God’s gift to education

Sis. Patricia Douglas – God’s gift to education


from Ministry of Education

God presented a gift to the educational system of St Vincent and the Grenadines in September 1980. At that time, Sister Patricia Ann Douglas, a sister of St Joseph of Cluny took up duty at the St Joseph’s Convent, Marriaqua.

She had already completed her university training. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, a Master’s degree in Education and deep-rooted Christian principles, our sister was ready to positively impact Vincentian lives. Nearly twenty-five years later, on May 20, 2005, she passed away.{{more}}

She lived a pure life while making sterling contributions to education and other aspects of our nation’s development.

Refined skill allowed her to bring Chemistry alive at the school. Teachers at other institutions often wondered where her magic lay. This, as they found the subject more challenging and often difficult to manage. Nation-wide, St Joseph’s Convent, Marriaqua, by some huge margin, was the best Chemistry centre.

Complementing her effectiveness in the classroom was her efficient management of time – never being late with reports. She provided support for her colleagues when they needed it, she was dependable, she was thorough; her clarity of thought and expression were tremendous assets. This Roman Catholic stalwart was an institution in herself.

Sister Pat, of blessed memory, had a passion for the children entrusted to her care – teaching them, loving them, ministering to their needs. The Sister would leave no stone unturned when seeking financial assistance for those who would benefit most. If she could not assist the children as she liked, she suffered. Sister Pat was peerless.

Gone is one who has been exceptional as Principal in this nation. She has left, though all too soon, a legacy for us in the field of education. Most memorable was her voice at Principals’ meetings, education conferences and any other relevant forum. Now, as we move into Universal Secondary Education we remember thanking Sister Pat for what turned out to be her last input on this debate.

Those who heard her or who received the reports would long remember it. The gem she delivered brought her vast experience to bear.

God’s hands have guided her home at a time we consider to be her peak, but we know that for death, she was always prepared. Long live her memory. Long live the education system and the nation she has helped to shape. We will miss her. May she rest in peace.