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‘Sis. Pat went beyond call of service’

‘Sis. Pat went beyond call of service’


by Danielle Pack

Founder Denniston Thomas Foundation.

“My special vocation, as I see it today, is to have a heart for young people, reaching out to them in whatever may be their need so that they can be freed to find themselves, take advantage of their educational opportunities, and be sent to make their way in life. {{more}}

I have come to see myself as a place, a substrate where this can happen, a sort of channel of grace which allows them to overcome the negative situations in their life, and move on– Sister Pat.

As a former counselor at SJCM, or “Sister Pat’s school”, as it is more commonly known, I can testify to how much she has contributed the development of Vincentian society.

The children who attend her school or the youth that she was involved with in the church youth group always left her care feeling inspired and whole. She always had a way of picking others up without it feeling like pity or charity. She continuously noticed the smallest strengths in her children, and built on those.

She brought things out in children that they never knew were there. And others around her would be astonished. She worked more tirelessly than anyone else I know, and never fell asleep at night without praying on the problems that the children were facing.

She would wait for a sign from God that would lead her to fully deal with all of the problems that came her way. She never did the bare minimum-but went above and beyond her call to service.

It is difficult to sum up Sis. Pat in only a few statements – but to say something short – I would say she genuinely believed in the value of each of her children and made them truly believe in themselves and know what it meant to be a “child of God”.

I am so blessed to call such a beautiful woman my friend.