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Scrubb: It’s a fast selling publication

Scrubb: It’s a fast selling publication


Voris Scrubb has been selling the Searchlight for the past six years and has seen sales increase tremendously over the period.

“I started with 25. Sometimes I do 350,” she said.

Her decision to get into vending business was a reaction to sad circumstances. {{more}}

“I was working and I got sick. I say I can’t go back to work with people again. From that time I been doing that up to now,” Scrubb said.

A mother of six and grandmother of two, Scrubb was born in the town of Layou. She moved to Richland Park as a toddler to spend a few weeks. That interior Windward district turned out to be a base for many years.

Scrubb has fond memories of life in Richland Park. She boasts of being “the leading thing in Richland Park.” That was in relation to her cricket skills. She recalled two female cricket teams United and Sparklers of which she had been instrumental.

Scrubb subsequently moved to Glen in the East St. George area.

She appreciates the Searchlight and points to sections such as Around the Courts, Dear Pastor, TV Guide, Learning Page and news in the country as main attractions.

Her advice to the Searchlight is “to move on and keep up their good works.”

Scrubb is an industrious and conscientious worker and beside selling the Searchlight she makes ginger sticks, tolum, fudge, tamarind balls, coconut sugar cakes, peanut cakes among other products all which attract a good clientele. Her homemade delicacies have gone a long way toward giving her economic stability.