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How your way of life affects your eyes


You might find it hard to believe, but your eyes are affected by your way of life. Getting older, as well as your diet and how well you sleep have a noticeable effect on that pliable tissue that is the external protection for your eyes.{{more}} There are hardly any fat glands in that tissue, and for this reason it is the most vulnerable element of your body. Your eyes are subjected to irritants such as dust, pollution and smoke, among other damaging substances, on a daily basis.

Damage around your eyes includes wrinkles, crows’ feet and blotchy skin; other features involved are your skin colour and tone. Eye cream preparations can cope with all these problems. If you follow the recommended use of any of the creams, your eyes can regain their youthful look.

Several of the benefits of eye creams include:

  • They are effective
  • They are rapidly absorbed
  • Their composition is non-toxic
  • They don’t cost very much
  • They contain anti-wrinkle elements
  • Their pH level is the same as your tears

Eye creams stop the fragile creases of the eyes from drying out by providing the necessary humidity to the fine walls or tissue layers that are all too often overlooked. To keep your skin from drying up and aging too soon, the concoction of the eye cream should include vitamins A and D.

If your eyes look fatigued and old it is because of damage to the upper tissue layers. The acids found in some eye creams gently cleanse and eliminate the dead layers and reveal the new young skin underneath.

The most damage done to the eyes is caused by over-exposure to the sun. While it might be good for certain parts of your body to drink in sunlight, it doesn’t hold true for the fragile skin surrounding the eyes and you should protect them from the damaging shafts of sunlight. It is better to wear sunglasses whenever possible.

Don’t forget that your eyes are the loveliest and most vulnerable part of your body. A single thin crease around them can really count against you in these days where youth is everything.

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