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How about Doctor -Patient Communication?


Thanks for the feedback from last week’s article.

Here is a question I received in my inbox right after the article.

Dear Dr Onu,

I enjoyed your article on improving patient-doctor communication, but how about doctor-patient communication? What should we expect from our doctor? Please comment on this…Maria.{{more}}

Here is my answer:

Dear Maria,

Thank you for reading my article. I hope the tips will help you in your communication with your doctor. To comment on your question here are some things to ask yourself when communicating with your doctor.

1. Does your doctor listen to you carefully? Is your doctor sympathetic to your problems? Are you treated with respect?

2. Does your doctor make you feel comfortable enough to ask questions? Does he or she use language/terms you understand?

3. Does your doctor fully explain medication prescribed, including potential side effects? Is your doctor open to alternative treatment suggestions?

4. Is your doctor honest enough to admit when they don’t know or are not sure of something?

5. Does your doctor make an effort to spend enough time with you? Does he or she exercise patience?

6. Does your doctor make an effort to educate you about your health?

7. Is your doctor professional at all times? Is the environment clean and friendly?

8. Does your doctor practice full confidentiality and privacy?

9. Does your doctor make an effort to return all phone calls and to fill appointments within a reasonable time frame if not on time? (I have some work to do in this area :))

10. Is your doctor’s staff respectful and helpful? Does the clinic follow up on patients?

These things and more are what you should expect from your doctor. Hope this helps. If you need more tips, do not hesitate to write me.

Have a great weekend.

Dr. K. Onu

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