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Let’s say what we mean and mean what we say

Let’s say what we mean and mean what we say


We cannot merely recommend that members of the public take certain actions, thereby giving them a choice, then when they choose not to do as recommended, take them to task for it.

Yesterday, the police issued a release chastising owners or operators of places of entertainment for not insisting that their patrons wear face coverings or provide contact information.

But on what basis would the proprietors make this demand of their guests if they put up resistance? The protocols set out by The Health Services Committee of the National Emergency Management Organization make it clear in the very name of the document, that the protocols, though strongly recommended, are just that – recommendations.

This is not to say that the recommendations are not sound and in the best interest of the people of the country. But our authorities need to make up their minds – the messaging must be clear and unambiguous.

The authorities also need to stop the pleading, begging and beseeching our people to comply with quarantine orders.

Covid-19 has been with us for months now, and with it, public education programs; by now, we all ought to be aware of the possible effects of the infection. The amendment to the Public Health Act was passed on Parliament three months ago, enough time for us to understand the legal consequences for breaking quarantine.

Enough talking; enough begging; enough dancing around the point. Let’s say what we mean and mean what we say.