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Together we can move mountains!

Together we can move mountains!
Lindon “Mr BeFit” James


Congratulations are in order for Lindon “Mr BeFit” James who on Sunday night was voted Caribbean wellness ambassador of 2018, ahead of four other finalists.

The promotion, an initiative of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), is part of the programme of activities for the Caribbean Year of Wellness & Rejuvenation. In this promotion, the CTO featured people who drive the wellness programmes in Caribbean Tourism Organization member countries. According to the CTO site, these wellness ambassadors perform extraordinary functions to promote wellness among residents and visitors alike.

James, the founder of the popular BeFit group, won with over 8000 votes, putting a distance of more than 500 votes between himself and his nearest competitor Aidan Mccauley, the owner of Sugar Ridge Resort, Yoga Antigua & Guje Caribbean.

We are delighted about this well deserved accolade for Lindon, and hope that during the year of his reign, Lindon’s expertise and enthusiasm for healthy lifestyles will be utilized throughout the Caribbean to get our people up and moving.

But beyond the fact that a Vincentian brought home the prize, SEARCHLIGHT is thrilled at the manner in which Vincentians and people with ties to St Vincent and the Grenadines rallied together over the weekend in support of Lindon to push him over the top.

The final round of voting took place between November 26 and December 2, and during most of that period, Lindon was neck and neck with Mr Mccauley, with each overtaking the other on a few occasions during last week. But it was over the weekend, when Mr Mccauley pulled ahead by over 400 votes that Lindon and his supporters pulled out all the stops, in both the real and virtual world, in soliciting the support of Vincentians at home and abroad.

And the response was a joy to behold, proving yet again that when we work together, we can move mountains! The unity and commitment of Vincentians and others to bring this win home for Lindon and SVG was amazing. Oh for more of this type of cohesiveness and positive energy towards the common good!