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Take back our communities as we move to 38


October is the month in which nationals of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) celebrate the anniversary of our political independence from the United Kingdom. Come Friday, October 27, Vincentians will celebrate our 38th anniversary of nationhood.

This month of October also comes after an awful September, one of the bloodiest months on record, to date. In that month, we recorded 10 homicides, most by way of the gun. October opened in much the same manner, and as we go to press, two killings have already been recorded, with the victims also being killed by gunshots.

The month of our Independence celebrations is traditionally observed with an array of community and school activities, exhibitions, parades and rallies.

Throughout the month, Vincentians usually proudly display creative national wear, fashioned using the colours blue, green and yellow. Progressive radio stations tend to change their programming to more local music, particularly, patriotic songs.

Simply put, it is usually a festive time.

The spate of killings we have recently experienced threatens to put a damper on our anniversary celebrations. We must, however, refuse to cower in fear and give the criminals among us the power to dictate how we live and celebrate.

We must defiantly take back our streets and communities, showing those intent on living by criminality that they will be defeated in their quest to destroy our land. So, as the month progresses, let us bring out our national dresses, start singing our patriotic songs and celebrating the abundant good there is among us.