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Young Leaders programme – great potential for lasting impact


Project work on the 2017 edition of the RBTT Young Leaders Programme is winding down. Students from the 14 schools which participated this year are making their submissions; thereafter, the judges will get to work evaluating and grading the projects. Whichever school is announced as the winner at next month’s closing ceremony, all students involved would have given of their best and should celebrate a successful completion.

SEARCHLIGHT congratulates our young people in rising above and beyond – engaging in activities that not only positively impacted their immediate school environment, but the wider community. For, in their interpretation of the theme: I am “WE”; Volunteer for Impact, teenagers combined their creative talents and gave all of us a glimpse once again of the potential of youth working in tandem to achieve a common purpose.

We anticipate that the lessons learnt and skills developed or honed will contribute to their holistic development. They’ve learnt about project identification and implementation; team work; time management; communication; networking; how to bridge the generation gap.

No doubt, parents and teachers, recognizing the significance of having students engaged in the range of project activities, must also ensure there is balance with other school work. 

Importantly too, is a recognition that these fourth form students can be a force for good in the longer term within their schools and at the community and national levels. As peer-counselors they can provide leadership for the formation or resuscitation of vibrant, student bodies.  While they carried out project activities, many would have interacted with environmental groups, heritage clubs and community-based organisations. They can choose to become active members of groups and clubs, thus eventually contributing to the strengthening of Civil Society. These are just a sample of what may be possible; there is great potential for the development of our young people, institutions and communities using this programme as a starting point.

The RBTT young leaders programme was launched 20 years ago; maybe this is a good time to assess its lasting impact.