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Who is YOUR Best of SVG?


Yesterday, Interactive Media Limited launched the 2017 Best of SVG campaign, which seeks to recognize all that we think is excellent in our country.

In this exercise, we invite the public to nominate everyday people, businesses, locations and attractions from a range of categories in order to identify and crown the ‘people’s choice’.

The first phase of the campaign sees the public participating in four weeks of nomination, following which we will celebrate the winners in grand style at an event during National Heroes’ month.

This idea is by no means a novel one; ‘Best Of’ campaigns are held annually all over the world. We, however, thought that a campaign such as this would be welcomed in St Vincent and the Grenadines and should help our businesses to lift their standards, especially now, two weeks away from the opening of an international airport.

If we are really honest, we would admit that many of our businesses are not customer friendly; customer service is poor; we get poor value for money; some service providers give you the impression that in serving you, they do you a favour. Many establishments clearly need to do much better. Perhaps, just perhaps, an initiative such as this in which the public gets to reward those who have consistently high standards, will be what those who are falling behind need to nudge them in the right direction.

Many times, when businesses are to be recognized, the choice is usually made by a panel of experts or peers. But in the ‘Best of SVG’, the choice will be made by those who really count – the clients or customers.

We hope that this campaign will bring national attention and increased business opportunities to small establishments all over the country who are worthy of commendation, but who are not well known outside their immediate community.

Winners will walk away from the campaign with not only bragging rights and free publicity for their businesses, but permission to use the ‘Best of SVG’ promotional material in their advertising and marketing efforts.

So, St Vincent and the Grenadines, beginning this Friday and for the next four weeks, get a ballot paper in SEARCHLIGHT and nominate everyone and everything that you think is worthy of being called the Best of SVG.