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It is not the mirror at fault


The mirror does not always flatter us.

Over the last few days, SEARCHLIGHT was taken to task in some quarters for publication of photographs showing scenes of the roadblock near Government House last Thursday, in which a female political activist featured prominently.{{more}}

One commentator on radio last Saturday called for “a ban” of our newspaper and asked what was SEARCHLIGHT trying to “imply” by publishing a photograph of the woman standing before officers of the Special Services Unit; and what were we trying to do to “a vulnerable young woman.”

Photographs can’t capture what did not happen. Photographs don’t “imply” anything, neither did our caption. Photographs, however, sometimes capture people acting in the heat of the moment, in a manner they would rather not have the world see.

How vulnerable could the subject of these photographs have considered herself when she used her own body as a shield to block vehicles from passing and was the self-confessed leader of the group? The lady was protesting publicly, knew the cameras were there and was therefore fair game.

It is interesting that the call for “a ban” (whatever that means) to be placed on SEARCHLIGHT for publishing the photographs is coming from a group of people who repeatedly assert that there is no freedom of expression in St Vincent and the Grenadines. It seems that they wish that this freedom, which is enshrined in our Constitution, be guaranteed only to them and should apply only to subject matter or opinions that are favourable to them or which further their cause.

The mirror does not always flatter us. What is before it always looks worse than we want it to. SEARCHLIGHT is not a public relations outlet for any political party, business or group and when people are out of control, the world will see them as they are. It is not the mirror that is at fault. It is what is before the mirror. Fix that!