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A woman of conviction


Nicole Sylvester was a woman of conviction. She held strong views and was not afraid to express them or act on them. A prominent attorney and human rights advocate, this outstanding woman was laid to rest on Wednesday after a moving funeral service at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Assumption.

In the 51 years Sylvester spent on earth, she used her time fully and productively, doing nothing by half measures. Once she committed to a task, she became totally immersed and tackled it with gusto and to the best of her ability.{{more}}

Since Sylvester died on July 2, there have been numerous tributes emanating from various quarters attesting to her contribution to St Vincent and the Grenadines and the region. She was president of the SVG Human Rights Association, involved in legal aid, a former president of both the local and OECS bar associations; and a board member of Marion House.

She was also a mother and wife and despite her busy law practice and involvement in several organizations, Sylvester was fully involved the the lives of her two sons and was their biggest cheerleader and supporter. She held executive positions on the parent teacher associations of their schools and on the SVG swimming association of which they were members. She was also an active member of her church.

Not many people may remember, but Sylvester’s first place of employment prior to pursuing studies in law was at the Girls’ High School as an undergraduate teacher. There, she revived the drama club and is remembered for her vivacity, humour and charm.

Of course, being a person of strongly held views, not everyone agreed with her positions or style. But in the face of adversity, Sylvester strongly defended whatever point of view she held. Naturally, she crossed swords with others along the way. Indeed, at the time of her death, a matter between Sylvester and SEARCHLIGHT was still pending in the High Court. Despite this outstanding matter, which SEARCHLIGHT, and presumably Sylvester, had intended to see through to its legal conclusion, she always maintained a cordial professional relationship with this newspaper as we did with her law firm.

With her death, St Vincent and the Grenadines and the legal fraternity have lost a stalwart. The board of directors, management and staff of Interactive Media Ltd., publishers of the SEARCHLIGHT newspapers extend sincere condolences to her sons and other relatives, friends and colleagues. May she rest in peace.