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May Synod 2015 be transformational


Fri, Jan 23, 2015

In the existence of any person or organization, it makes good sense from time to time, to pause, reflect and make an assessment of one’s journey thus far and to strategize about what actions are needed to move in the direction of one’s goals.{{more}}

Anniversaries, which are usually a time for celebration, present ideal opportunities for such reflection.

This month, the Roman Catholic Church in St Vincent and the Grenadines is celebrating 25 years as a Diocese. As part of the celebrations, the Diocese of Kingstown is hosting its first Synod from January 22 to 25.

According to promotional material put out by the Church, the main aim of the Synod would be to develop, inculcate and ensure a spirituality of Word, Eucharist and Service leading every Catholic on a path to authentic human development so as to revitalize the church and transform society.

These are noble goals and the RC Church must be commended for them. The clergy and laity must also be congratulated on their 25th anniversary as a Diocese.

The Diocese has moved forward with Synod 2015 using a bottom up approach in which members were asked what they wanted in their Church; members responded that they needed a more dynamic and responsive Church, and Synod 2015 was conceived as part of the process of moving from idea to action.

There is no indication of how much the teachings and example of Pope Francis have influenced the local Church hierarchy, but this move by the clergy to come down from the pulpit, meet the people where they are and become more engaged in the world, mesh well with the transformational approach Pope Francis has adopted since he became Pope nearly two years ago.

There is so much trouble and despair all around us – right at our doorsteps and in far flung corners of the world. Despite this, many of us, including some of our churches, have become indifferent to how others (even those who sit next to us in the pew) are faring, once we are doing well.

Undoubtedly, during their Synod 2015 deliberations, the Roman Catholic Church in St Vincent will consider not only how it can better meet the needs of the members of the Diocese, but also how it can contribute to a better St Vincent and the Grenadines and a better world, much in the style of Pope Francis.

Again, we congratulate the Church on its 25th anniversary and wish them every success as they go forward.