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That spirit of community in times of trouble


Fri, Jan 16, 2015

As details of Monday’s tragedy at Rock Gutter continue to unfold, the entire nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) seems to be gripped by a collective grief that has made it difficult for many citizens to function normally.{{more}}

Granted, SVG is no stranger to tragedy, with the first anniversary of lives lost in the December 2013 floods having been commemorated recently. However, given the ages of those who perished at Owia, it is as though candles have been snuffed out, just as they were beginning to glow brightly.

But in the midst of this darkness, there has been a glimmer of hope — the better side of our human nature has once again been brought to the forefront.

Young divers from the area have been helping to search for the two schoolgirls who are still missing, diligently braving the strong currents every day since the incident occurred; persons living in and around Kingstown have offered their homes to the relatives of those who are still hospitalized at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital – providing them with lodging so that they don’t have to make the long commute from their homes in North Windward to the capital on a daily basis.

Moreso, religious leaders, educators, other volunteers and members of the general public have journeyed to the affected villages, offering prayer, counselling and comfort. Condolences have flooded in from around the region and further afield, as well as from those in the Vincentian diaspora. It has, simply put, been an overwhelming outpouring of support.

As the bereaved and survivors look to pick up the emotional and psychological pieces, we are reminded of just how important unity and that spirit of community is to a nation as small as ours… reminded of our capacity to be generous and provide support for one another as citizens of the same ‘village’ – not only when tragedy strikes, but in our day-to-day lives.

The chair, board of directors, management and staff of Interactive Media Ltd (publishers of SEARCHLIGHT) extend deepest condolences to the bereaved, and wish the survivors a full and complete recovery. May those who perished rest in eternal peace.