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Local music awards show – a good thing


Tue May 13, 2014

Congratulations are in order for the St Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Music Professionals (SVGAMP) for staging what was a good show, and what has the potential to become an excellent awards show.{{more}}

As most persons acknowledged at the event last Friday evening, the recognition ceremony has been a long time in coming. This year’s event was the first of what many hope will become a staple on the calendar of local events.

It is satisfying to see Vincentian musicians being recognized by their peers for their contribution to the art form, and the part they are playing to put St Vincent and the Grenadines on the global music map.

We, the buying public, should therefore encourage our artistes by purchasing and promoting our local music, attending shows that feature local artistes and by demanding that our radio stations and disc jockeys play more local music. It is not sufficient to jump up to the local music at a Carnival street party, go out the next day and buy pirated music on a street corner, then forget about them for another year, until Carnival comes around again. In this regard, it is also good and augres well for the sustainability of the local music industry to see other genres of music besides soca and calypso being recognised.

SVGAMP President Bomani Charles is on record as saying that more than likely there would be an increase in the number of categories, as well as the number of nominees for upcoming awards shows. This may be a good thing, but let’s ensure, as the awards go forward, that the increase in numbers is not just to accommodate more artistes, whether they have met a set standard or not.

What would also be good for the next event is to see artistes show more respect for the occasion by being punctual and appropriately dressed for an awards show that is advertised as a red carpet affair and is being broadcast live on radio and television.

A segment dedicated to former and deceased artistes may also be a good addition to the event, as well as some means through which the ordinary music lover can make a significant input as to who are the winners in the different categories.

Both the SVGAMP and the artistes who are being recognized have a part to play in making the awards a sustainable event; the entertainers, by continuing to make their music world class, and the SVGAMP by taking all the criticisms, positive and negative, and creating a locally produced product that can stand up to any other awards show that we have seen around the region and even further afield.

Congratulations to all the winners, and to the nominees who didn’t make it this time. Keep making good music that would make yourselves and Vincentians proud.