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Spare a thought on Mothers’ Day


Fri May 9, 2014

This Sunday this nation will join with hundreds of millions of people all around the globe to honour the mothers of the world on the occasion of Mothers’ Day. For the record, it is useful to know that there are many nations which, while also commemorating Mothers’ Day annually, do not do it on the second Sunday in May as we, most of the Caribbean and North America do. The United Kingdom, Ireland and Nigeria do their honouring on the fourth Sunday in Lent while many Asian and eastern European countries combine Mothers’ Day with International Womens’ Day.{{more}}

It is a significant occasion, even though not a public holiday, because mothers represent the literal cradle of civilization, being largely responsible for childbirth and the care and upbringing of the young. It is therefore fitting that at least a day be set aside to pay tribute to the role that mothers play in sustaining human life and to honour our mothers for their sacrifices.

While on an individual level, we do our best in our own ways to show our appreciation for our mothers, it is perhaps regrettable that there are not more organized activities to do so. Mothers are too significant for the demonstration of appreciation to be left on an individual level. Too many of us do not even make the effort to show one iota of appreciation for those who brought us into this world and/or nurtured and cared for us. As we cherish and show our love this Sunday, could we not take the time to:

SPARE A THOUGHT for those mothers, particularly the elderly poor, who will spend Sunday in less than ideal conditions, perhaps not even getting a call from the children they mothered. This is where churches, community organizations, other non-governmental organizations can play a part, showing some love and appreciation.

SPARE A THOUGHT for distressed mothers placed in the stressful situation of having their young sons in jail, being drug addicts or either victims or perpetrators of violent crime. Many of these, though not all, have tried in difficult circumstances, often without the support of fathers, only to see their children end up in tragic circumstances.

SPARE A THOUGHT for those mothers who have suffered from last December’s torrents and floods, trying to keep families together and to guide them through the recovery period. They too should be in our thoughts and prayers this Sunday.

SPARE A THOUGHT for the mothers of the world. In particular, place yourself in the situation of the mothers of the 200-odd young girls kidnapped in Nigeria and being threatened with the fate of a future as sex slaves. They too deserve our support and solidarity in their traumatic experience. Similarly let our hearts reach out to the mothers of Sudan and Syria, rendered homeless by senseless wars and having to cope with raising families in refugee camps.

As we hug and cuddle our beloved mothers this weekend, let us all pledge to do our part to make mothers truly treasured persons and their role adequately recognized and appreciated.