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Let good sense and moderation prevail


Fri, Jul 6. 2012

All systems are go for what seems to be gearing up to be an entertaining and enjoyable Carnival weekend.

One can feel the excitement in the air, and perhaps for the first time this year, there appears to be significantly increased activity at our local businesses, with long lines being observed at our restaurants and the persons bustling through Kingstown having a more purposeful air.{{more}} No doubt, the increased economic activity is in no small part due to returning Vincentians and visitors to our shores for Vincy Mas. Welcome all, have fun and be safe.

There have been good reviews of the shows held thus far, with the junior calypso and soca competition being particularly well attended. The future of pan is in good hands, if the junior panorama competition is anything to go by.

SEARCHLIGHT joins with the Carnival Development Corporation in paying tribute to Francis “Pess” Llewelyn who has been doing yeoman service, working with our junior pan sides for almost thirty years.

Shut ins, the elderly and those not inclined to leave home at night are particularly enjoying the pay-per-view service being provided this year by the Carnival Development Corporation and Karib Cable.

All the shows so far seem to have been fairly well stage managed, starting on time and flowing smoothly throughout. Hopefully, this trend will continue this weekend, as over the years, there have been calls for the CDC to pay more attention to the packaging of shows so that patrons are not made to endure long hours at events, with long gaps between performances.

Last year, soca artistes were roundly criticized for the lyrical content of their songs. It is good to see that this year, for the most part, they have cleaned up their act.

And of course, this year, there are the usual controversies about different aspects of the festivities, with the calls by components for more money, and the now annual calls for the CDC and the Beauty Shows Committee to demit office. These controversies have become so much a part of Vincy Mas, they could now perhaps be considered the fourth component of the festival.

There will, from all appearances, be stiff competition at the Miss Carival, Soca Monarch and Dimanche Gras shows this weekend, so patrons are encouraged to go out to these shows, as well as J’Ouvert, Monday Jump Up and Mardi Gras, to lend their support.

SEARCHLIGHT wishes everyone a happy and safe Carnival and urges everyone to enjoy themselves, but at all times, let good sense and moderation prevail.