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Accept the results of the polls



It’s finally here, and not a moment too soon. Developments over the last two weeks or so have clearly demonstrated that on the national and individual levels, we cannot take much more of this elections’ campaign.{{more}}

People’s emotions are on edge, and at the level of the party, it seems as though ethical behavior has gone through the window and almost anything goes. The depths to which the campaigning has sunk, drives home the point that the stakes in these elections are extremely high for the main players on either side. They cannot afford to lose.

The politically motivated physical assaults on private citizens by other private citizens is also a clear sign that many people’s emotions have reached boiling point and it takes very little to tip them over the edge. The legal challenges and counter challenges, and threats of law suits have been flying back and forth, all of which makes the observer wonder if either of the main parties is as sure of victory as they have made their supporters believe. If one really takes stock, one would see that much of what has taken place in the last week are distractions; events and incidents designed to take our attention away from the really important issues.

One of the mass political parties has said it is already in charge, while the other has assured its faithful of an overwhelming victory. What this has done is to set up tens of thousands of people on one side, for a massive disappointment, come Monday night. Only one of the mass parties can win. There must be a loser. It is only if the Green Party wins one of the seats (highly unlikely) or if there is a tie in one of the constituencies (also improbable, but not impossible), with the main parties each winning seven seats, will we come out of Monday’s exercise without a clear winner.

By now, most eligible voters have made up their minds. We call on our people to go out to the polls, vote for the party of their choice, then await the results. Please Vincentians, let us accept the results whatever they turn out to be. They will reflect the democratic will of our people. Of course, there will be the usual cries by the losing side that there was cheating of one kind or another, so it is hoped that whoever wins, does so decisively, so that it is clear to all what the people want.

Searchlight wishes to join with all the other individuals and organizations in calling for peace in the few remaining days leading up to the polls and the days immediately afterwards. Please, there is no need for blood to be shed. Respect the views of the other person. It is their right to support whomever they wish, as it is your right to support your party. There have been far too many reports of what seem to be politically motivated attacks this season.

Have a safe weekend Vincentians, and bright and early Monday morning, go out and do your civic duty. Your country’s future depends on it.