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We are owed an apology



Last week, we carried a story on our front page of an assault on one of our reporters while she was on duty outside the High Court in Kingstown.

What makes this incident particularly despicable is that the person who made the threats to our young female reporter’s person and equipment is Jeanie Ollivierre, the Public Relations and Education and Training Officer of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Human Rights Association.{{more}}

What Miss Ollivierre seems to have forgotten is that our reporter is not only entitled to certain rights as a human being, but others as a journalist, in which role we might add, she was in no way breaking the law.

In light of this attack on the reporter and press freedom by this prominent official of the Human Rights Association, Searchlight is of the view that at the very least, an apology from Miss Ollivierre or the Human Rights Association, on her behalf, is in order. Until we receive such an apology, or Miss Ollivierre ceases to be a member of the association (whichever comes first), Searchlight will not publish any press releases, or cover events or activities of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Human Association.

Happy Easter

With everything that is happening in today’s world, it is easy to lose hope. It is easy to be frustrated by what appears to be our powerlessness in the face of difficulties. We question the meaning of life, and our purpose here on earth, especially when loved ones are taken from us, or when life throws challenges our way.

Thankfully, Easter, which celebrates the triumphant resurrection of Jesus, who died in the form of man, provides hope and faith that sustain us through the vicissitudes of life.

Easter represents a rising of the good, from certain defeat, at the hand of evil.

Easter represents a vindication of truth, justice and integrity and a recompense for non-violence in the face of tyranny.

Easter signals a victory for faith and hope and love in a world of apparent meaningless contradiction.

Easter rejects the belief that might is right and morality is outdated isolationism imposed by one group on another.

May everyone find the true joy that Easter brings, no matter what our individual circumstances. Happy Easter!