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He fought the Good Fight


The regional media has lost one of its loudest voices with the death of Glenn Jackson, press secretary and personal aide to the Prime Minister. {{more}}

Glenn’s job title was grand, but having assumed that office in April 2001 he did not change much. Other than trading in his short sleeved shirts for long sleeves and a tie, Glenn to the end remained a true people’s man. He knew how to commincate his message.

The non-stop calls to radio stations all day Tuesday and Wednesday from persons paying tribute were testimony to the character of the man who revolutionized the way radio is used in this country. The young, the old, men, women and persons from both sides of the political divide have seemingly been affected.

Glenn has been described as a master agitator, motivator, consummate communicator and professional. He was a fearless defender of freedom of the press, and would speak loudly against any action which in his view, sought to introduce measures to control or infringe even slightly on press freedom.

For example, a few weeks ago, the new minister of information called a meeting of media practitioners to discuss the establishment and implementation of Government’s proposed information policy. It is proposed that the policy provide guidelines for the operation of the print and electronic media.

At that meeting, Glen strongly opposed the implementation of any such policy, holding the view that it was unnecessary, and those wronged by media could always seek redress in the court.

This was his view, and even though he was going against one of the government’s proposals, he was not afraid to articulate it and defend it, even while being the press secretary to the prime minister.

Glenn lived a full life. He loved to eat, laugh and have a good time. He loved to talk. He loved people, he loved life. His murder was a senseless, wicked act.

Bearing in mind the national security issues associated with this crime, it is good that the Government has moved to bring in outside forensic and investigative help to solve this murder. It has been reported that the police themselves requested the assistance. The perpetrator or perpetrators must be brought to justice.

Perhaps while the investigators are here, they can be invited to look at the files relating to some of our other unsolved murders. Maybe they might pick up something our local investigators missed. There are too many grieving families out there who need the closure and peace the arrest and conviction of their loved one’s murderer would bring.

Flying in forensic investigators when we have murders can only be a stop-gap, short-term measure at best. In the medium term, we should work toward upgrading the forensic capabilities of our police force. If we continue to depend largely on eye witnesses, confessions and circumstantial evidence to convict murder accused, we will continue to see many of them escaping the hangman because of technicalities.

To our colleague, our champion, our very best friend, Glenn, you have fought the good fight, you have run the good race, you have kept the faith. Rest now in peace, friend.

To Susan and the children, the Jackson, Robin and Providence families, we extend our sincere condolences, and will continue to hold you up in our prayers.