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How to create opportunities in life?

How to create opportunities in life?


It has been said that opportunities are often disguised as a problem that require hard work and major emotional discomfort.

It is usually for this very reason, why most persons fail to recognize opportunities. We often fail to recognize an opportunity because we expect to see it presented to us on a silver platter. But what can we do if opportunities appear to be few and far apart? My suggestion will be to create your own!!!

The following are some tips to help you:

1. Know your limits. – You can’t be perfect. You can’t do everything yourself. You can’t create a business or live the life of your dreams or make a lot of money if you don’t know your weaknesses, strengths and passions. If you know your limits and what you are capable of, you will know exactly what you need. Once you begin to know yourself, you will realize your weakness and you can fill these weaknesses with others people strength. This undoubtedly will require openness and honesty.

2. Open your eyes. – While there is a lot happening in the world; believe it or not you do not need to be engaged with everything around you. You may find that most can act as a distraction in your life. It is imperative that you keep your eyes open for anything which stands in alignment to your passion and goals. Always be ready to create your opportunity even when doing simple activities as drinking coffee, exercising or chilling watching tv.

3. Meet new people. – If you want to be presented with more opportunities, simply meet new people. The more people you know, the higher chances you will be presented with new experiences. Meet up with people having similar interests as you. Visit conferences. You can even meet people online these days; join different Facebook groups, follow people on twitter; join LinkedIn. Most people are open minded and are always looking for new friendships and connections, so never shy away from the opportunity to forge alliances.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask. – Just DON’T! There is no shame in not knowing something, and there is no shame in questioning things. Most people would gladly help you if you asked them nicely for some help. People are not all bad; most of us are good and kind. You just have to ask the right way. So stop sabotaging yourself with negative self-talk.

5. Don’t be afraid to try a different approach. – The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over with the expectation of a different outcome. You MUST be open to trying new things and mixing things up. Step out of your comfort zone; take a leap of faith and see where things lead.

6. Travel. – You should visit different places at least one time a year. This will surely broaden your perspective; open you up to new people and present you with an opportunity that simply didn’t exist in your hometown. A friend of mine went for a vacation in the UK, but she never came back. She took a chance while out at a dinner party and made a pitch for a job; she was hired on the spot. She is now doing her dream job and creating more opportunities daily.

7. Keep learning. – Learning is a process that never ends. You can always learn something new. Always maintain the attitude of student. If you think you are done learning, bitterness set in, but if you have more to achieve every day, in any arena that makes each morning’s awakening full of potential and cheery portent. This is what I live by. I am always seeking the next opportunity. I encourage you to do the same and remember what is presented, can certainly be created.

We see opportunities as opportunities only when we are ready to see them, otherwise we see them as difficulties. – Hristiqn Nikolov