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Causes of oral cancer


Oral cancer can be caused by several factors:

Tobacco consumption: Consuming tobacco that can be in the form of cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco and snuff are the most common cause of oral cancer. Tobacco consumers are six times more likely to be afflicted with oral cancer that their non tobacco consuming counterparts. It has been seen that out of four oral cancer patients, three patients are chronic tobacco smokers.{{more}}

Alcohol consumption: Though consuming small amounts of alcohol is good, consuming excess alcohol can be damaging to the oral cavity, as it erodes the protective skin layer, thereby exposing the under parts of mouth and smoking after alcohol consumption adds to the disastrous effects.

Sun exposure: It has been seen that people who are more exposed to sunlight have greater chances of having oral cancer. Again smoking accelerates the condition.

Family history: If anyone in the family died of cancer or had cancer, then there are chances that his/her offspring can get this disease.

Sharp tooth: If the tooth is rough or has sharp cusps, then it can continuously bite against the soft oral tissues and there might be a delay in the healing. So, it can be a contributing factor towards oral cancer.


Any abnormal findings like white or red patches, oral blisters, mouth ulcers that are not healing should be immediately reported to the dentist. Here are the warning symptoms that, if untreated, can lead to cancer.

Abnormal patches inside the mouth: Any sort of patches that may be red or white in colour are initial indications that something fishy is going on in the mouth. White colour patches have the tendency to turn malignant. So, if you see any of these things in your mouth immediately rush to your dentist.

Mouth ulcers: Though mouth ulcers can be caused by disturbed bowel movements or a vitamin deficiency, if they do not heal readily or keep reoccuring, then it can be an indicative factor for mouth ulcers.

Persistent bleeding from the mouth, along with lumps in neck region and pain and difficulty in swallowing things are also things to look for.

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