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How to brush your baby’s teeth


During the initial days, instead of using a brush, use a wet cloth that you can wipe your baby’s gums with, every time you feed him/her.

When the baby turns one, you can start using a wee bit of non-fluoridated toothpaste to brush the teeth. Ensure that you are not using a fluoridated toothpaste until your baby turns at least three years old. {{more}}While fluoride is harmless for older kids and adults, and does not really pose any significant threat even to the babies, it can lead to discolouration and spotting of the teeth – definitely something that you want to avoid.

Hand Holding Your Child’s Brushing Experience

You will be brushing your baby’s teeth until he/she grows up to be able to grasp the toothbrush on their own. Hence, much of the child’s oral health depends on the care that you take during the initial years.

Guide your children into developing proper brushing habits and the right techniques of brushing, when the child starts brushing his/her own teeth. Make sure your child understands the do’s and the don’ts of brushing – like not to swallow the paste or the water that is used to gargle.

Brushing twice a day is a good habit that parents must teach their children from an early age, along with proper gum care, as these early habits set the tone for the rest of their life.

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