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I am scared that I am HIV positive


Dear Pastor,

Please help me. I was with this guy who worked at one of the government offices. He seems to love me but at times I am not sure. He gets so emotional and hurts my feeling sometimes when I call him on the phone and he curses all sorts of dirty words.

Before we started liming he used to invite me out with him. I didn’t know at the time it was a trick. {{more}}

We started liming over a-year-and-a-half ago, he never invites me out, he is always going out and leaving me at home and he doesn’t want to give me money unless I ask him.

Now he is running around which I never had known, and now I am scared that I am HIV positive.

If so, I do not know how I will cope with it.

Please help me.

Hello to you,

I am so sorry to hear about your dilemma but in the same breath I want to remind you that you don’t have to remain in that state of distress.

First thing you need to do in my humble opinion is to get tested for HIV and so rule out that potential danger; if you are negative that is. If you are positive, then you know and now can begin to prepare yourself for the necessary changes in your life. I know that it is a dilemma that one wishes he or she can avoid but running from it will not help you.

Now concerning your relationship, obviously you need to drop this man like a bad habit. If what you wrote is the WHOLE truth then you have revealed the true personality of the pretender that wooed you. It is sad that you fell into such a trap and I often wonder if it is that people don’t rush into relationships and intimacy, hence making it easier for them to miss obvious signs of people’s characters.

I know there are exceptions to the rules, women or men who took their time in every stage and are still disappointed but I have found the former to be the most common.

I pray that you will be HIV negative, you will start your life over, see it as a life line from the Lord, serve him and allow his wisdom to help you in your life’s choices.

Pastor Jackson