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Members of the general public were asked a series of questions on the issue of male skinny jeans. Here are their responses.


Jason Moussa:

I do not wear skinny jeans. The closest I wear are slim corduroys. There is a limit to what is defined as skinny jeans. If you have to run and jump into the pants, they’re too tight for you. If they belong to your sister, they are also too tight. I know baggy jeans are out, but some of these guys can’t even walk properly because their pants are too tight. Sometimes the pants cannot be worn on their waist because it’s too tight to pull up. I have no problem with colourful jeans, I think that is the trend. Colours are the way to go right now.

Aina Browne:

I don’t have a problem with other people’s personal preference, but some of them are a bit outrageous and shocking at times. Men’s jeans should be fitted, but shouldn’t cause any difficulty with walking or other regular activities. The way skinny jeans should be worn is up to the person’s individual style, but I think it looks best with a nice dress shirt and nice dress shoes. I wouldn’t date a guy wearing jeggings, I don’t mind fitted jeans, as long as it fits you properly and you wear it well.

Davon Jacobs:

I do not wear skinny jeans. They are uncomfortable and can cause discomfort in the pelvic region. I do not think males should wear skinny jeans at all. I prefer jeans with lots of room. As humans we perspire, so more room, more space, and more ventilation.

Nicole Delecia: Frankly speaking, skinny jeans are the “in thing” in SVG right now, but rarely a woman can find a pair of these designer jeans because the men are in stiff competition with them. Skinny jeans were not designed for men. They were designed for women to show off their figure. Young men wearing skinny jeans are sending the wrong message; their motives are much to be desired.

Shonden Baptiste:

The skinny jeans trend is disgusting! Skinny jeans are not for men, it is a female style. I can’t even find a pair of white skinny Jeans; the men have already bought them out. I do not think colorful skinny jeans are cool, that is like a walking comedy show. Jeans should be fitted but a man’s pants should always have room. These tight fitted jeans don’t look good with anything, not slippers, sneaker, nothing. Skinny jeans are very unattractive. I will not date a guy who wears them.

Kerwin Hinson:

I do wear jeans that are fitted, but I don’t call them skinny jeans, there’s a difference. Skinny jeans are for females, fitted jeans are for males. Fitted jeans have a bit more space than skinny jeans. They’re comfortable, and you maintain the ability to take long strides and climb stairs. You should be able to get in and out of your jeans without a struggle. Fashion has evolved over the years. It’s all about the body physique. Fitted jeans accentuate the body and make you look neater. Men should wear what they are comfortable in. If you feel comfortable wearing colourful skinny jeans and can accentuate them properly, then by all means go ahead, but I stick to dark blues and blacks. Pants should also be worn on the waist and not on the bottom.

Godwin Charles:

I wear skinny jeans because they are comfortable and makes the figure look small. I like to wear my skinny jeans with a cardigan or a vest and a jacket and a good pair of Vans, Converse or Punkrose and a tam. I like my skinny jeans not too tight, but not baggy, a comfortable fit. I wear neutral colors, blues, blacks and grays. Skinny jeans should be worn out and about, not to school. If you wear it to both places, then there is not transition and you look the same.

Zandalee Williams: I think skinny jeans kind of look nice, but not the really tight ones. In terms of the different colors, it’s according to the guy. Some look ridiculous. The jeans should at least have breathing space and shouldn’t be tight like female pants; they should be able to bend in then. Skinny jeans should be worn with a nice Tee or a vest, high tops or Vans- looking shoes or Converse and snap backs. I would date a guy who wears skinny jeans, as long as it’s not tighter than mine.