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Remember the true meaning of Christmas

Remember the true meaning of Christmas


Thu, Dec 22. 2011

by: H.E. Cenio Lewis, High Commissioner for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, LONDON, UK.

It is Christmas time again and, generally, it is a time of celebration. However, as we engage in the festivities of the season, it is important for us to reflect on what exactly it is that we are celebrating.{{more}}

Too often in this modern age we are so caught up in the materialism around us that the primary purpose of our celebration becomes of secondary importance to the acquisition of material things. There is a restlessness in modern life, and the demands it makes on one’s life sometimes only leave room enough to hurry itself weary.

My message, therefore, to all our people is to encourage the true meaning of Christmas to invade our thoughts in such a way that it allows for sharing, humility, and consideration of and for others, particularly the poor. These things I simply call ‘goodness’. By allowing these ‘goodness’ to enter the innermost sanctuary of our hearts, we will enjoy real happiness which I believe should be the essence of our celebration at Christmas.

On behalf of the Staff of the High Commission in London, and on my own behalf, I wish all our nationals in the homeland and in the Diaspora a very peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year.

May God bless our nation and our beautiful country, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.