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A new beginning

A new beginning



by Michael Johnson

Special Season’S Greetings from the Executive and affiliates of the National Youth Council of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The National Youth Council joins the wider public in reflection of a year that presented our nation with enormous challenges and abundant opportunities. As a people, we were faced with harsh external and local realities, including rising food and oil prices, Value Added Tax, high levels of youth unemployment, HIV/AIDS and increases of crime and violence across our society, including our homes and schools.{{more}}

We have sought to be resilient and steadfast in mitigating the effects and have made strides, but much more can and must be done. We must win the war against the drug and gun culture that has mesmerized our people. We must tackle full on the disconnect in social and moral values that has been made popular through the television, lyrics of foreign and local artistes and widespread Internet access that has stamped our landscape.

To our young people, the number eight is often associated with new beginnings, and so, too, 2008 will present you with avenues to manifest and blossom into a butterfly whose horizons have no boundaries; see yourself as a beautiful person aimed at achieving great things, decorated with a spiritual, peaceful and hard-working nature and filled with possibilities, endless passion, love and a heart for humanity.

In 2008, no longer will you be called to serve and assist but to provide leadership.

Let us together reject the conversation of failures, mistakes and weaknesses, but enter the New Year emboldened to stand up and affirm our readiness to take charge of our destiny and the continued development of our nation and the re-birth of our people.

As young people, we must recognize that our father who art in heaven has called us to do mighty things but we must be humble and seek his Kingdom. The process must start with each of us individually working together for a greater good. However, in order to effect change, let’s reach out and love one another, re-establish the principles of neighborly love and become prepared for the second coming.

So, too, must the constituents of the National Youth Council be reborn in the spirit of youth and community activism.

In the year of new beginnings ahead, the NYC must restructure, be re-invigorated with fresh blood and immunized with new talents and spirits. Past and present members of the organization must now seek to play an integral role in providing a supportive mechanism for the new thrust that lies ahead. Our people are knocking on our doors for our leadership and we must answer the call.

Once again, the Christmas season serves for us to identify with the birth of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour, and to seek the good tidings which he brought us. Importantly, ask ourselves, what are you giving Him in return? Have you ever thought about giving Him something in return for His love?

I urge you to take the step of faith and give the greatest gift you can afford – your life, just as you are. As a people, let us live by His principles and be molded by His teachings.

We must see ourselves as a masterpiece, princes and princesses sharing cheer, hope and love with all humankind.

As President of the National Youth Council, may you be richly blessed, and if it is the will of the Lord, may the New Year of new beginnings ahead meet you in the best of health and re-invigorated spirit to assume leadership.

God Bless you!