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Let us concentrate more on our families

Let us concentrate more on our families


by Honourable Arnhim Eustace, Leader of the Opposition.

As we once again approach the Christmas morn, one is inclined to reflect more frequently on the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

At this time also there is a tendency to think more about family, both home and overseas. We like to see them all home at Christmas. We like it because after all the hustle and bustle of daily life throughout the year, our thoughts turn to something meaningful: “the family” which is the basic unit of our society.{{more}}

This Christmas, God’s willing, I will awaken with four generations under my roof. These include my mother-in-law, my wife and I, my son and daughter and the newest addition to our family after a gap of 27 years, my baby grandson. It gives me a good feeling. I feel whole and I also see continuity – my grandson represents both.

But, as I reflect more deeply, I can’t help but wonder what kind of future he will experience. Will he get caught up in the declining spiritual and moral values that dominate our society today? Will he succumb to a life of crime and violence? Or will he avoid that kind of life and stick close to the straight and narrow? Will he honour his father and mother as the good Book says and bring joy to their hearts? At this time I ponder about all these things and more.

But I know that I am not alone. Thousands of people in St Vincent and the Grenadines and the rest of the world share similar thoughts at this time. Despite our economic difficulties, despite our political differences, despite the other hardships we face, including crime and violence let us concentrate more this blessed season on our families.

Remember the Christ child in the lowly manger.

We are assured that in spite of our individual weaknesses that our God in His infinite goodness and grace is our rock. We are all part of His family. Have a Merry Christmas!