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Stick to your task with vigilance and pride



– Michael Johnson

Fellow Vincentians we have been given another opportunity to reflect not only on the birth of Christ but, it’s very opposite, his death.

Traditionally, in our Vincentian society, we welcome this season by sharing lots of joy and happiness. It is at this time of the year that we spend much of our hard earned money securing gifts for friends and relatives. For others, it is an opportunity for them to expresstheir Christian beliefs and to become extra-ordinary social beings.{{more}}

As Vincentians and as youth in particular, we need to be cognizant of a number of things during these celebrations. We ought to keep at the back of our minds what Christmas means to us and in so doing, demonstrate our crystallized understanding of such.

It is important that we reflect on the past months and make the critical and logical decisions to take us into the New Year and beyond. Our social activities must embrace a high degree of moderation so as to ensure that we stay clear of the boundaries of social ills that befall us as young people from time to time.

It is a sad reality that it is at this time of the year that some young people first try marijuana or a couple sips of alcohol. Either one, or a combination of both can lead us to engage in activities in which we have vowed never to become entangled.

Christmas for many young people therefore is equivalent to the pre-crucifixion period for the One whose birthday we now celebrate. What is important to note in this regard is that He overcame all such temptations.

The obvious challenge therefore before all of us and young people in particular, is to see ourselves successfully through these challenges. It may be useful to remind ourselves that this quiet reflection period will soon pass and we must awaken ourselves to another blunt, abusive, brazen period of hostility and political unrest.

It is my hope that the solemnity of Christmas would spill over into the New Year and that challenge part two can be met with equal resistance of critical mindedness, logical thinking and mature youthfulness.

I am confident that the youth of St. Vincent and the Grenadines are quite competent enough to rise to the occasion and provide a response that will lead to continued peace and tranquility in our country.

I therefore urge all of us as young people to stick to our formidable task with vigilance, pride and common sense.

We cannot forget the call for us to keep Jesus in our Christmas, not only for this year, but now until the end of times.

May the Spirit of the Lord be with us all for Christmas, the New Year and always.

God bless and have an enjoyable Christmas and a New Year filled with love and great blessings.