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King Hendrickson celebrates #7

King Hendrickson celebrates #7



Birthday greetings to King Hendrickson Campbell of Lowmans W.D, celebrated his 7th birthday on May 6th. Greetings from mom Arlene, dad Hendrick (Puss), brother Jordon, sisters especially Shavolene, aunts Masha, Jasime and Claudia, uncles Sterne, Zane and Jeff, grandparents Glenda, Euriel and Rapho, cousins Sternica, Sternique, Olise and Laurice, teacher and students of Grade 1 Room 1 CW Prescod Primary, friends Shav and Niki, godparents especially Cas, Merlene, Jemma and Fay. We wish U all D best on ur big day.