11 December 2018
Turmeric facial mask

Turmeric facial mask

Many of you may be thinking: “Did I just read correctly?”... Yes, you did! The turmeric beauty mask has been used for centuries. It is great on al...
04 December 2018
Boston Cream  Pie Poke Cake

Boston Cream Pie Poke Cake

Having a gathering soon? Add this to your menu and it will surely impress. You will need: Cake 2 cups sugar 4 eggs 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flo...
27 November 2018
How to wear Fishnet  Stockings

How to wear Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings are not the easiest of looks to pull off and still look like a lady. To make fishnets appear more elegant, here are a few suggestion...
20 November 2018
Those little heads of hair

Those little heads of hair

Hair care has been handed down to us from our mothers and grandmothers, but what we don’t realize is that some of these routines can be so damaging ...
13 November 2018
Homemade face mask

Homemade face mask

A good face mask is great for the skin and definitely should be added to every face routine. Here are some really easy “at home” masks that you co...
06 November 2018
Taking  Care of Chemically Relaxed Hair

Taking Care of Chemically Relaxed Hair

So many of us have joined the natural hair train that it is easy to forget to provide tips for the sisters who wear their chemically relaxed hair. Tod...
30 October 2018
Rocking  Paperbag Waist Pants

Rocking Paperbag Waist Pants

With their looser fit, paperbag waist pants are known for their comfort. Because of the ruffled waistline and extra volume, they can often be tricky t...
23 October 2018
My  new-found wash day time saver

My new-found wash day time saver

A topic regularly addressed in this column is the importance of washing your make-up brushes. Unlike the other articles which provided a method for do...
16 October 2018
How to Pluck!

How to Pluck!

There is one thing I would tell the younger me and that would be to not over pluck my eyebrows. Let me break it down for you. I have never had those t...
09 October 2018
Taking a Makeup Break

Taking a Makeup Break

You may have gotten so used to makeup being a part of your morning routine that it’s hard to see that routine without it. Desiring a break from make...