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Ex-cop jailed for 30 years for sex with a 12-year-old girl (+Videos)

Ex-cop jailed for 30 years for sex with a 12-year-old girl (+Videos)


[UPDATED December 11, 2018]

According to the former policeman who will spend 30 years behind bars for the six times he violated a 12-year-old girl, he is leaving three children, and a pregnant fiancée on the outside.

After being convicted on six counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13 years on November 13, former policeman Eugene Noel was back before the judge last Friday.

However, while it was time for sentencing, Noel, who represented himself, did not offer much in terms of mitigation, but rather took this chance to instead voice concerns about the jury’s decision to convict him.

As he stood facing High Court Justice Brian Cottle, who would sentence him minutes later, the first concern that Noel addressed was the amount of attention that his case got in the media.
Noel, who was already in prison, noted that there, “Surface a lot of comments on social media, and it’s really putting me in a very stressful mood, and my family in a stressful, hearing all sorts of comments are making on 2 Kool Kris.”

Justice Cottle assured him that the news does not affect his sentencing.

Noel went on to highlight certain sections of the girl’s evidence which he believed showed ‘inconsistencies’, and he repeated that he could not understand how the jury convicted him.
He said, “It really bothers me,” that for the three times that sexual intercourse took place on February 3, that the victim had given evidence that she was on her back on all three occasions.
“My honour I just want to show you something, I don’t mean any disrespect to the court, or anybody, my Lord if I have to have sexual intercourse with my girlfriend, anybody, on my birthday is all kinda position,” he told the Justice.

He insisted that there were no “aggravating factors” in the case, but never elaborated.

Similarly, the convicted man stated, “I read that the mother of the young lady stressed that she want me to be put away, she didn’t like what was done to her daughter,” without connecting this to a point of mitigation.

The accused told the judge that he was expecting to get married on December 15, that his three children are outside ‘suffering,’ and that that day was his fiancée’s birthday. He also disclosed that his fiancée is five weeks pregnant.

“I’m a Christian, I believe in God, and all I know is that, I only know a little about law, if you ask me about the Bible, that’s what I know,” he told the Justice Cottle.
The judge in revising the facts of the case, noted that Noel, 28 years old at the time, had walked up to the 12-year-old girl on the street, introduced himself to her, and gave her his phone number.

He then went to the school of the form one student on the first day of school, and took her to a restaurant.

“You went into the washroom, asked her to follow you, and when she complied, you proceeded to have sexual intercourse with that child, right there on the toilet seat,” Cottle stated. Further noted was that he put a gold ring on her ring finger.

Following this, Noel had then returned a few days later with hopes of visiting the same washroom, but was refused. He then took away the ring, but gave the girl a cellphone.
On February 3, Noel had asked that the girl spend the day with him, at a house, and he took her away from school in her uniform. Throughout this day, there were three instances of sexual intercourse.

The same thing happened on Valentine’s Day, wherein the convicted man apparently told her to meet him at the same house, and she complied. The last two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse arose from this incident.

“I think that this offence was a very serious one, and I say so because this offence involved a significant amount of planning on your part,” Cottle began.

He noted that the convicted man had been grooming the girl, and “you went so far so as to present the virtual complainant with a ring, which you put on her wedding finger.”

For the offence which was committed “not once, not twice, but six times,” the judge further stated, “There was repeated ejaculation into the virtual complainant, no thought to protecting her from pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.”

There would be a psychological impact on the victim, he noted, explaining, “In her own words, the virtual complainant said that she feels that you took advantage of her.”

With that, he concluded, that the offence “falls near the top end in terms of seriousness,” and that the starting point would be 20 years imprisonment.

“I have seen the social inquiry report, and it reveals that your aunt, who raised you from young child, she had concerns about what she thought was your propensity to be attracted to teenage girls,” the Justice highlighted, and that the aunt, who had also said she thought his behaviour abnormal, had suggested counselling.

Cottle said that because of these observations he was not moving downwards from the 20 year sentence.

He sentenced the former policeman for the six counts by separating them based on the days that they took place.

For the first offence, which took place on January 13, 2014, Cottle sentenced Noel to 20 years imprisonment. For the three following counts, occurring on February 3, Noel was given five years on each count, to run concurrently to each other, but to run consecutively to the 20 years.

For the final two counts which occurred on February 14, a similar pattern was adopted, and the judge sentenced the convicted to five years on each count, to run concurrently, but consecutively to the 20, and five years.

Therefore, the total number of years that Noel was handed down amounted to 30.

Noel spoke to the media as he was walking back to Her Majesty’s Prison, and stated that he was going to appeal.

[UPDATED on December 11, 2018 to include more details of what transpired in court during sentencing]


The former police officer previously convicted for six counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 12-year-old has been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

The sentencing of Eugene Noel took place at the High Court today. Noel was convicted by a jury on November 13.

The six instances of sexual intercourse occurred in January and February of 2014, when Noel, 28 at the time, was involved with a 12-year-old student.

Justice Brian Cottle sentenced Noel to 20 years imprisonment for the first instance of unlawful intercourse, said to have occurred on January 13, 2014 in the washroom of a place that sells fried chicken. Three further counts of unlawful sexual intercourse were said to have taken place on February 3, 2014, Noel’s birthday, when he had asked the student for her company, taking her away from school. For these, Noel received five years for each count, to run concurrently. However, the five years is to run consecutively to the 20 years for the first count.

On the last two counts of sexual intercourse, said to have occurred on February 14, at the defendant’s house, he was sentenced to five years imprisonment for each count, to run concurrently. This sentence of five years is also to run consecutive to the previous sentences of 20 and five years.

Therefore, the final sentence for Noel, who declared that he is going to appeal the matter, was 30 years.

Justice Cottle commented that the offence was a very serious one, which involved a significant amount of planning, and elements of grooming. He noted that the young girl has said that she feels that Noel took advantage of her. Therefore, the psychological impact was also a consideration. Cottle further noted that Noel’s relative, in the social inquiry, had also expressed concern about what she thought was the accused’s propensity to seek the company of teenage girls.