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Mother of five shot dead at Ottley Hall

Mother of five shot dead at Ottley Hall


Shemeal Bowens, a mother of five, was killed Wednesday night when two gunmen shot her around 9.45 at her home village of Ottley Hall.

Bowens was at the side of the road, awaiting her children’s arrival from church, when she was killed. She died face down in the public road and the gunmen fired more shots into the air before fleeing, a resident of the area told SEARCHLIGHT.

On Friday March 10, 2017, Bowens had supported the account of her friend Alisha Browne, who had said that police had entered her (Browne’s) house without presenting a search warrant. Browne had posted to social media a video showing the entrance of police to her home.

At the time, the police were in search of Shemeal’s brother Keiron Bowens who is in a relationship with Browne.

Police are investigating last night’s incident and Ottley Hall residents have expressed outrage over the latest murder, the seventh for the year.