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Jordon moves up to #5 on the birthday chart

Jordon moves up to #5 on the birthday chart


Fri, May 23, 2014

Jordon Lewis

My life, my heart, my baby; that’s Jordon Lewis celebrating his 5th birthday today, Friday, 23rd May. He’s that kid that makes a bad day become a wonderful day. All these greetings coming from your parents Kendra and Marlon, grandparents Judy, Maida and Peter, aunts Allie, Tasha, Nar-na, Lana, Tessa and Shanique. Greetings are also coming from uncle Kalique and Roddy and cousins Ronaldo, Oneeka, Stacy, Steffy, all of little Brad’s and the rest of the family circle, wishing him all God’s blessings on his big day. Mammy loves you.