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Celebration time for Alissa

Celebration time for Alissa


Fri Aug 09, 2013

Alissa Samuel

Special belated birthday greetings going out to earths greatest and only angel Alissa Samuel of Gibson Corner, who celebrated that special day on Sunday 4th August. All these greetings are coming from mom Kemmy, dad Odain, brother M.J, aunts Allie, Tasha, Pet, Tessa, Shanique, Kedisha, and Lana, uncles Kalique and Curlan, cousins Ronaldo, Brandon, Bradan, Stacy, Steffy, Damo, Alrick, Jayday and Onika, grandparents Judy and Peter, not forgetting Margaret, Marlon and all the guys at # 34 shop in Chinatown. You are in St Martin away from us, but hope u enjoyed it with all your might. Luv u 2 D max.