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Shay-Zyah is # 2 on the birthday ladder

Shay-Zyah is # 2 on the birthday ladder


Fri, Dec 2. 2011


Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!! Shine your little light baby Shay-Zyah ……Girl, u r a shining star filled with laughter each day and that makes us happy, so we took all the time we have just to scream Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday….These greetings are from your mom Shana Brewster, your dad Corlon Wilkinson, your uncles Willis, Shamlan and Camlan, your special cousin Sidon, your grandmother Tressil Brewster, your grandfather Michael Brewster, your godmothers Lasana, Loritta, Kesma and your babysitters, Tanty Merlise, Plumie and Joy. Greetings also from Louann. You r going to enjoy ur Birthday cuz we are having d party of your life…..So just say Cheers for Ching!!!!!!!!! Greetings from the Brewster family!!!!!!! U r just one cutie pie, Ching-ly!!!!!!!