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Lots of love for Luenda on her birthday

Lots of love for Luenda on her birthday


Fri, Oct 28. 2011

Leunda Joseph

Sooooooooooooo, how old are you again? Oh dear! Really? Seriously, u look nothing like it! Actually, u look 16. Now who say smile….ok, go ahead, laugh (lol). Ok, ok, calm yourself, breathe, now, laugh again, (lol). Ok, stop. Shall we tell them how old you are? Y not? You should b proud. Ok, if you say so maam, (lol). If I was your age, look this great, (she even look better than me – sobbing) hehehehehehe, I would be writing and televising it. I know, I Know, behave, Ann! Birthday wishes to a beautiful sister, a wonderful mother and aunt Leunda Joseph of New Grounds. All our love: from the entire family; especially your husband ‘Tuppy’, children, mom Theresa, nieces, nephews, sisters Annilar and meeeee Ann. Love you to infinity.

I know, Lafleur, I know…lol