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40th Wedding Anniversary!

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Fri, Sept 24, 2010

Vernon (Coswell) & Naomi (Neats) Davis

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to two amazing people & parents, Vernon (Coswell) & Naomi (Neats) Davis, originally from Dorsetshire Hill, St. Vincent. Married at Kingstown, Methodist Church on September 26th, 1970, and residing in Toronto since 1980, Coswell & Neats have based their lives around unconditional love. The couple has two children. Thank you Mom & Dad for your years of dedication and support to our family. We are so grateful & blessed to call you our parents. Continued blessings. Enjoy many more years together, and happiness to you both always. Enjoy your 40th Wedding Anniversary & vacation in St. Vincent and know we’re thinking of & loving you both lots on September 26, 2010 & always! Garth, Laurel & Rodger and Family