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Grooming for men Pt2


Beards can look great but you should wear one because you want to and not because you feel you have to. Alternatively there are some shaving techniques where you can have a clean shaved look without the discomfort of razor bumps.{{more}}

There are pre-conditioners gels foams, liquids and steam that soften the beard and get it up for cutting. There are also razors with special heads and blades that cut hairs at such an angle that they are less likely to curl over and into the skin. If you have a difficult beard and are susceptible to razor bumps, a single or thin blade razor or a straight edge razor in the hands of your barber is best.

Hair of black men that is curly should be shaved in one direction. An electric razor does not cut hair in one direction, and this is why a lot of men face this problem.

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