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Wrinkles and sagging skin


Wrinkles and sagging skin are due to a breakdown of the skins collagens, connective tissue that maintains the skins elasticity and tightness. Proper skin care not only keeps your skin clear and free from blemishes, but also retards the breaking down of the skins collagen, reducing wrinkles and sagging skin. Therefore it is critical that you maintain an adequate collagen level. This can easily be attained by consuming adequate amounts of Vitamins C daily.

A natural source of Vitamin C is orange. But whenever you take natural foods or Vitamins, make Vitamins C one of your staples for it is a most important health and facial rejuvenation Vitamin. By utilizing these nutritional tips, you are helping to retard the aging process and collagen breakdown, which will help you maintain more youthful looking skin while improving your overall health.

By Auldine A.K. Browne

Cosmetologist, Make-up Artist & Tutor Barnet Fair Hair Fashion

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