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Your facial skin colour


The most notable factors determining your best make up colours are your facial skin colour, your hair and your eye colour.

Of these three colours your skin colour is the most important classification as women of dark complexion using make up colours designed for white skin will probably result in appropriate choices.{{more}}

The skin colour is determined by three factors Carotene, Melanin and Haemoglobin.

Carotene gives a yellowish tinge to the skin, while melanin lends a brown colour, and haemoglobin contributes a reddish hue to the skin tones. All makeup is created to compliment the under tones as well as the surface tone of your face.

There is a range of colours, or shades that you should use in your makeup, based on the amount and quality of colour in your skin. Some colours do not go well with other colours.

The more facial colours you have to work with, the more limiting are your makeup options.

The colours you put on your face should appeal to your sense of self as well as be appropriate for the occasion.