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Scaly, Itchy Scalp Problems


[Continued from last week)

Dandruff (pityriasis – medical term for dandruff) is characterised by the excessive production and accumulation of skin cells.

Instead of the normal shedding of individual skin cells, one at a time dandruff results from the accumulation of clumps of cell large enough to be visible on the scalp, hair or shoulders.{{more}} It must be noted that dandruff is not contagious. Most scaly problems are hereditary; most can be controlled not cured. Factors to consider are Vitamins intake:

• Prevents drying;

• For healthy hair and skin;

• Prevents damage and heals;

• Improves circulation.

Omega 3 helps relieve itching and inflammation.

Possible causes of itchy scalp are:

• Dryness

• Oiliness

• Cysts

• Soaps

• Tumours

• Shampoos

• Relaxers

• Lice

• Dandruff

• Bleaches

• Ringworm (tinea)

• Colour

• Iron deficiency (anaemic)

• Leukaemia

• Diabetes

• Jaundice

• Nutritional deficiency

• Acne necrotica

• Psoriasis