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Beauty time-out Pt.2


Hair like people comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. In order for us to keep the hair in a healthy and beautiful condition, proper attention must be given to its care and treatment.

Applying a harsh cosmetic such as one that contains a lot of alcohol or provides improper hair services can cause the structure to become weakened and damaged.{{more}}

Some things one can practice to reduce the damage to the hair shaft are:

1. Detangle hair starting from the ends upward. (This reduces bursting of hair at the node area).

2. Avoid excessive blow drying (wet hair stretches up to 40-50% of its length), this would encourage breakage. Use a hood dryer when drying.

3. Get a deep penetrating conditioner two (2) weeks before and after a chemical treatment.

4. Shampoo hair regularly.