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Facial features


Faces are interesting, but few are perfect. When you look at your or someone’s face, you might notice that the nose, cheeks, lips or jaw-line are not the same on both sides, or that one eye might be larger than the other, and the eye brows may not match. {{more}} Facial make-up can create the illusion of better balance and proportion when desired. The oval shaped face is considered to be the ideal shaped face with well-proportioned features. The ideal oval face is approximately three fourths as wide as it is long. The distance between the eyes is the width of one eye.

Round face – broader in width, has rounding chin and hairline.

Square shape – wide forehead and jaw-line.

Pear – jaw-line wider than forehead.

Heart – wide forehead and narrow pointed chin.

Diamond – narrow forehead and chin with greatest width across the cheekbone.

Oblong – it’s long and narrow.

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