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More balanced training needed in de Force


Ah can Breathe now! It was like ah “Breath ah Fresh Air” two weeks ago when 105 trainees graduated as Police Officers. From what ah read, de Academic entry standard now is much higher dan long ago. Dis years’ top recruit, Malcolm Hazelwood, has ten CSEC subjects, plus he attended Community College. Sincere congratulations to de young Officer. He also cop’d five of de 15 Ah-wards. I’m told dat de training is six months’ duration; Training covers ah wide subject area, except ah didn’t hear or read anything about Spiritual development as ah subject. What training is being offered in de nurturing of de Soul of these young people who will enforce law and order? We cannot deny dat dey’s ah growing culture of violence among some members in de Police Force. Lots ah complaints are made about Police brutality against young persons who break de law.

Call it what de hell yuh want, but we need to impress on, and instill in our future leaders: our Police, Nurses, Customs Officers, Coast Guard and Administrators about ah thing call “de Soul”, de Spiritual part of de human being. Ah can think of no other Role Model foh our young people dan Jesus Christ, De Son of God, de greatest Person who ever walked de earth in Flesh and Spirit.

Ah doh hear much bout Religious Eddy-care-shun in de Public Schools. Nuff respects to de Cat-lick schools foh holding to de Faith. And ah lay blame on our pull-it-tek-all leaders and our Eddy-caters, foh not correcting what could be ah deficiency, an Hysterical-wrong in our Eddy-care-shun system; and ah lot ah dem are Church-goers who never miss de opportunity to remind us how Great God is, what he’s done foh dem. But still we continue to deprive our children of dat Religious Experience dat has helped ah lot of us older folks, to practice de Good Ole Rule, to choose between Right or Wrong, Love or Hate, Good or Bad.

So all de best to de young Police Officers, and ah begging Commissioner John, ah young man wid potential, when next time come around foh training new recruits, please include in de Program another subject dat covers all: Love, Strength, Power, Kindness, Integrity and Godliness. And as of now ah begging dat you mek it mandatory to have Daily Devotions in every Police Stay-shun. Commissioner we not being copy-cats, but we need to breathe, ah great burden rests on de Police.


Ah wirte de other day dat when de US sneeze, we bound to get de Flu (COVID-19)! Friday dis week Vincent-shuns will demonstrate dat we have finally caught de Flu, by teking to de street to show solidarity wid Protesters in de US. Dey have been at it intensively foh over two weeks, calling foh Reform e.g. Put ah halt to Police brutality against Blacks, and stop de Injustice meted out to Blacks in dat country. In de meantime, hey at home, it is ah “Sing Me Noel” between Noel Dick-son, an NDP candidate in de upcoming Elect-shuns; and Noel Jack-son ah Trade Union leader and defender of de ULP policies. Noel Dick-son, cut deep into de ULP leadership when he analogizes de “Knee in George Floyd’s Throat” as ah SVG situation way de star performer is ah Portuguese nah-shun-all dat had to be removed. And Noel Jack-son, was porno-graphic in his rebuttal to Dick-son. He says “Ah can’t Breathe” dah is like saying “ Things good! Oooh! Aaaah! de people love it, is like ‘having an Org-has-him’! ”But Lie-Za, who must get de last word, she says Noel Jack-son was unconsciously explaining why unemployment and low wages are so rampant in SVG: “de people love it! Dey Breathing Freely, having Org-has-him from Poor relief, Love Box, Free Lumber, Cement and Galvanize.’ right now dey PRIME foh de Elect-shu. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.
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Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.