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We too come-play-sit

We too come-play-sit
White police officer Derek Chauvin is captured on video kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes as the black man pleads for air.


Foh de last eight days and eight nights all ah been watching is Protest and more Protest. Ah doh need to cover or re-cover de George Floyd’s brutal murder by Police, except to say dat dey were two weapons surrounding de cause of George’s death. On one side is George’s colour, “Black Skin” and on de other is de Police’s “White Knee.” But amidst all de Protests, de Looting and Rioting, there is ah third Weapon dat promises Hope and Harm-on-Knee (harmony), brought to de con-verse-say-shun by Minneapolis Police Chief. Fifty-two year ole Medaria “Dondo” Arradondo, is the 53rd Chief of Minneapolis and also de first black Chief in the city’s 150-year history. De experienced “Dondo” wid over 30 years service, undoubtedly brings de first breath of Fresh Air in dis Uprising.

His name like it has ah Latino accent, his skin colour is Latino accent too, Brown. From de moment “Dondo” arrived on de scene among thousands of Protesters way dey was chaos, positive and negative Protesters, he headed straight to de murder scene to “Ah-Come-Pan-Knee” de crowd dat immediately went silent. Dey shifted aside to mek room foh him to go thru. Humble as a Dove, he took off his hat and went down on his Knee, ah sign of Meekness and Respect for de deceased Floyd and his grieving family. That was unlike his Ex-police, murderer Derek Chauvin, who used his “Knee” as de murder weapon to kill George.

After paying respects, Chief “Dondo” got up, put back on his hat and went over to be interviewed by ah CNN Reporter. In front ah millions of TV viewers, he apologized to Floyd’s family and answered questions related to dey concerns. And when he was asked about de fate of de other three officers who were not charged as yet, he lumped de three officers as being “Complicit” or “Come-Play-Sit, ah Magic word dat! “To be complicit” he said, “is to be involved with others in an illegal activity or wrong doing. There’s no doubt in my mind that these men have been Come-Play-Sit!”

Alas! de massive crowd went in an uproar, longing to hear some good News dat Promise to restore Hope and instill Faith and Love among both Blacks and Whites. “Dondo” was true to his Vision Statement dat he read to his Force during his inauguration back in 2017: dat says:

“Sanctity of Life is the most precious of all your duties. As your Chief, I expect a lot of you. The public does too. If you experience disrespect, you are not to respond in kind. Do all you can to protect and serve in a way that minimizes harm and risk of personal injury to yourselves and to our community members.”

Come-Play-Sit is mashing up SVG. De Victim-I-say-shun list is long and tiring, lots ah People silently saying: “Ah can’t breathe!” How do we explain when de Awe-Position members males and female were thrown down de stairs in Par-liar-mint? Till today Daniel Cummings is nursing ah spine injury.

Come-Play-Sit is when de Powers dat be still jamming dey Knees in de necks of the teachers: Kenroy Johnson, Elvis Daniel and Bash Thomas. What about Bigger Biggs, Sergeant Brenton Smith, Kenson King, Luzette King, Collin Graham, Vynnette Frederick, Marcus DeFreitas and Whyte de Officer from Union Island. When it comes to the Poor and Down-trodden, Injustice does jam its ugly knee in we neck.

Ah recommend dat our own Commissioner John, go and Google “Who Is Mederia Arradondo” Minneapolis Police Chief? I think dey both have ah slight “look alike” what ah want is de Guts and Spine in John to Act in-deep-an-dance more like “Dondo”! And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.