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Ah Renew-All


So after forty years of pull-it-tek-all In-de-pen-dance, our Gift from de Go-Venom-mint is “Ah Renewal!” Lie-Za taking offence, she say it should not just be “Ah Renewal,” but “Ah Renew-All.”

So she went searching Online and was surprised at de several interpretation of de word Renew-all: Resumption, Recommencement, Continuation, Re-establishment. De definition of Renew-All dat catches her interest is: “de action of extending de period of validity of ah Lie-sins” and is something fish-he about dat. Right now de validity of de ULP holding de reigns of Power is challenged in de Courts. So how could dey, on de country’s Fortieth Anniversary of In-de-pen-dance, be asking foh ah Renew-all of ah status dat could very well be Invalid.

One ah de definition of Renew-All is Resumption: “ beginning something again, of meaningful negotiation after a pause.” .Rastaman say “Back-ah-death! But we haffo go back to de good ole days ah Banana, and we not going beyond forty years. Eighteen years is nuff, when de British Par-liar-men-tear-ran appeared right here on de ULP platform during de Elect-shun Calm Pain. Ah was present when dat scamp, promised ah Renew-all of de Banana Industry in SVG. As if to rub salt in de Banana Farmers wounds, de parties had ah field day on de Resumption of de Banana Industry.

NDP promised to replant 1000 acres of Bananas, de ULP said anything NDP can do, dey can do better, dey will double de NDP’s effort. Ah want to see Ah Renerw-All ah de Banana Boat loading Bananas by de wharf.

Should I say anything about Our-Root expect to say dat house-wives wid babies bawling dat de want to see Ah Renew-All of Our-root starch on de Supermarket shelves.

Big up Sell-man Walters, never mind he like Sell-Boy can’t get his Our-Root starch sold. So in de meantime, Selly is having his Modungo Festival foh In-dip-and-dance. We can’t get de real Our-Root, so we will settle foh Modungo dat was considered de waste or de last grade in de processing of de Our-root starch. Why not, Ole People say when yuh can’t get Mammy tek Granny.

And ah long to Ah Renew-All of de Coconut Oil Industry in SVG. Yes de demise of de Coconut is within de last 40 year period, way we have lost our 4000 acre coconut field and two Coconut Oil factories. Check de Supermarket shelves and look at de quantity and variety of imported cooking oils. Look carefully, somewhere among dem imported edible oils, is ah locally made Coconut Oil, more expensive dan even de Coconut Oil imported from T’n’T.


Lie-Za want see to see Ah Renew-All of de Police Warrant foh Public Servants and Go-ven-mint ministers when dey decide to over-spend Taxpayers money widout ah Special Warrant. Let us Renew-All of de ole Public Service Ordinances, Rule and Regulations. Ah Renew-All of de good ole System of Accountability. Airport done and still no properly Audited Accounts. What we hearing is dat de Auditor General can now stay on de job till s/he reaches 65 years. Is dis some kind of ah trick?

Ah want ah Renew-All of de Ole Time Religion when Church Leaders were fully aware of dey role, when dey were led by de inspired word of God and not by de instructions of de pull-it-to-call Direct-to-rate.

In my short days on de Christian Council, ah sat wid great Church Leaders: Bishop Woodroof, Dean Lett, Rev Crichton and R.C Bishop Dickson ah lickle man but fearless. At ah meeting of de Council wid Teachers on strike in 1975 Bishop Dickson called on us to walk down to Cato’s office and demand dat he speaks to de Teachers: Mike Browne, Yvonne Francis and others. Today we have ah new brand ah Bishops and Preachers, dey members accuse dem of subtly using de pulpit, de Radio and Television to spread de Gospel according to Man. Yes in de church is where we need Ah Renew- from top to bottom. And wid dat is gone ah gone again

One Love Bassy.

Bassy Alexander is
a land surveyor,
folklorist and social commentator.