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Words of wisdom!

Words of wisdom!


It is amazing how lickle things stand out in your memory. Like back in 1969 when ah was studying in Calgary, Alberta, if yuh know yuh Ja-ha-go-fee yuh will overs dat Calgary is in de wild-her-nest, way out in Western Canada. It was Carnival time back in SVG so ah decided to send home ah Cowboy outfit foh my two lickle five and eight-year-ole kids to play Mas. It was supposed to be ah surprise, and I imagined de excitement in dey eyes when dey got ah real Cowboy hat and boots wid spikes; sheriff badge, plaid shirt and jeans (pants,) gun and holster. But ah went blank, when ah got to the Post Office and de officer could not find SVG in his book wid tariffs, In fact, SVG was no-way to be found on de map ah de world, not even ah dot to show. She found Bo-bathe-us, Sin Lou-sha, Grenada but no SVG. All ah could ah say was dat ‘SVG was right in de middle ah all three ah dem islands’. However, she tagged de package thru Toronto and my surprise package got to SVG in time foh Kiddies Carnival.

Now dat was 50 years ago, but if dat were to happen today, ah would ah politely ask dat Postal Officer to address my package to Washington in de USA, in care of de United Nay-shun Security Council. And wid ah bit more modesty, ah would ah ask her if she didn’t see de Breaking News way SVG, my country, not NDP country, or ULP country, or Green Party, but Our Country, de Smallest Nay-shun in de world to become ah member ah de UN Security Council.

Yes ah overs how most people feel about dat record breaker. Those who support de ruling party and think it is ah ULP thing, those who doh support de ruling party, but know it’s bigger dan de divisive politics now killing every initiative dat could be ah vehicle to make us proud.

Ah too ole to get in-ah-valve wid dem Who For and Who ‘Gainst’ foolishness. Ah hope my memory not tricking me, but ah remember too well it was Sir James who set up Diplomatic ties wid countries like Venezuela and Cuba, and Cato did it wid Tie-One. And trust me, nothing has changed, it was de same foolishness, “Some was For and Some ‘Gainst”! And today, those who hugging up Cuba, Venezuela and Tie-One, was venomously opposed to any Diplomatic Relationship. Ah bunch ah Opportunist we are.

And Lie-Za drew to my attend-shun dat dey will be an increase of six new Security Council positions dat will be created as ah result of dis new development. She boasts dat she could name at least one person already earmarked foh one ah these prestigious positions. And when ah asked her who, She tells me ah looking at her right now!

Maybe is time We Grow Up! Ah was ten years ole in 1951, when de Eight Army landed its troops, ah saw dem split and double split; Ah was around when Joshua ruled de roost, his term ended! Ah saw Cato rained over ah one seat Awe-position, and boasted dat he had de strongest Go-venom-mint in de world. Cato left! Sir James, after ten years in de wild-ah-nest, took office, and later won all 15 seats and held de strongest possible Go-venom-mint; Sir James after 17 years, bowed out, not Grace-fully. Dey’s Grace and dey’s dis Grace! Gonsalves after raining wid ah 12-3 majority, has been around fo 18 years, he is down to a one-seat majority, de weakest possible Go-venom-mint in de world. Many years ago Sir Fred told me dat “he who is strong and rich today could be weak and poor tomorrow, and vice versa!” Words of wisdom. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.